Mini Nubian Does

Mini Nubian:

Mini Nubians are a cross between full size Nubian goats and a Nigerian Dwarf. The breed goal is to create a high production animal in a 75-100lb package. Mini Nubians produce up to two gallons of milk per day.

Through intentional breedings of high quality animals with good confirmation, udder attachment and shape as well as good production, an easy going, docile animal is created. Each generation is described as a "F-" starting with F0 (pure bred Nubian and a pure bred Nigerian Dwarf), then progressing through F1, F2 (may be registered as experimental), F3 - F5 (may be registered as American if breed standards are met) and F6 which is considered a purebred Mini Nubian.

Mini Nubians are great for smaller homesteads looking for solid milk production in a smaller sized, easy to care for animal. 

All our Mini-Nubians are MDGA registered


These beautiful girls are coming to us in mid-November from Triple Strand Farm in Kutztown, PA. We are so excited to welcome these (pregnant) ladies to our farm!


Awee Farm Rosetta

Generation F5
Sire: Green Gables Xman *B
Sire's Sire: VCH Green Gables BG Spice of Freedom +B
Sire's Dam: Green Gables EHJ Daisy *P
Dam: Kallista Princess Kate 
Dam's Dam: Green Gables Amazing Faith
Dam's Sire: Green Gables Blazing Star

Rosetta's kids from previous kiddings-




Howell's Hilltop Lady Luna

Generation: F6
Sire: Whispering Willows Red Baron
Dam: JC's Mint Julep